Several Neighbourhood Watch schemes are in operation in the Parish. Contact details for schemes are shown below. Please note that these schemes are very local, so only contact the scheme relevant to where you live.

If you wish to join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, please call Deborah Morton, who is the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for West Berkshire, on 01635 264718 or email

If you wish to report a crime, please call:

  • Emergencies 999
  • Non-emergencies 101

Visit the Thames Valley Police website for crime reports and more.

Read the latest edition of Our News (the NHWN newsletter by clicking here (Neighbourhood Watch website).

For tips on crime prevention, visit the Crime Prevention Website (external website, content beyond our control).

Crime Prevention Advice

The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales) has just published a comprehensive collection of crime prevention and safety advice. Click here for the full information(external Neighbourhood Watch website).

Donnington Village NHW

Kingsley Close/Owen Road NHW

Contact Vicky Schollar. Telephone 01635 38920.

Long Lane (south end) NHW

Contact Joan Stacey. Telephone 01635 47603